Floyd Boykin Jr. is a Poet, musician, producer and Lupus activist. He is the founder of SpokenVizions Entertainment Group, L.L.C. and the producer of Project L.I.F.E. His primary instrument is the bass guitar, but he also plays the flute, the keyboard and a little bit of percussions. He is also the author of "Poetic Bliss With Lyrical Rhythms" ,"Bare Essence: The Soul Of Me" and "Waiting To Dance With Her Spirit". He has also released three poetry Cds ("Planet Liberation", "EKLIPSE" and "EARTHOLOGY").

Floyd has opened for and performed with a variety of poets and other artists such as The Last Poets, Gill Scott-Heron, Dahveed Nelson, Malik Yusef, Goapele, Maya Azucena and Murphy Lee. Recently, he also created and released his own line of greeting cards called "".

The most recognizable project is the launching of the SpokenVizions Magazine and, where he serves as the editor and designer of the publications. He is currently working on future music videos, a short film, and a host of other positive ventures. W.A.R. on
RedMoon7 is Boykin's fourth poetry release.